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2019-2020 by Inspiration Wise

Blog Report - 100 Days of Inspiration Wise

Updated: Mar 6

These past few months were great for Inspiration Wise. I’ve written many articles, seen them getting shared and I’ve expanded my topic to blogging too, since it’s correlated to writing quality content.

I’ve met many other cool bloggers, but most importantly, I believe that I’ve given some value, which I plan on doing for a long time.

I’ve also started featuring authors on my Creators Page – make sure you check it out.

But I don’t plan to stop there.

*This post contains affiliate links/banners. See my disclosure here

Come New Year, you can expect more from me. I will organize some giveaways (hopefully with success).

I will write some more about blogging and how it panned out for me.

But for now, let’s see how my blog behaved since September (at this moment my blog is 94 days old) with 38 blog posts published, some of them having 150+ views!

I started by missing the most important info – do not buy backlinks!

Show the love - pin on Pinterest

So I bought them on eBay. Quickly I concluded that it’s harming me and I told the seller to stop delivering. I submitted the disavow file but it seems that some links are still there. I’ll remove them when I find the time.

I got back to my Pinterest account, which was personal. Upgraded to business and joined a few group boards. My Pinterest jumped from about 400 monthly views to 22k monthly views. I’ll soon write my tactics for this.

I opened up my FB page, Camooni profile, fixed my Twitter and started building trust.

I also wanted to test out traffic arbitrage, so I went ahead and looked for some free traffic, but since I wasn’t Adsense approved yet, I quickly gave up on this idea. That’s the traffic spike that you see in the first month.

I turned all my traffic bots off on October 18. Let’s take a look now.

Somewhere around the middle of November my Analytics messed up so I have no idea if those numbers are correct. I think I fixed it now, but I still need to hire someone to check it.

These are my Adsense earnings for two months (I wasn’t approved on the first go) for two blogs that I have. I do plan to focus only on Inspiration Wise, and I’ll tell you why later.

Why do I keep on blogging? Because there is more than just Adsense.

I remembered I had a Fiverr account so I came back and made new gigs.

Quickly enough I got hired. Why I count this as “blog earnings”? Because I used my blog as a reference.

I always say “If you’d like you to check out my writing style, head over to”

I guess it’s working.

(It says 59 euros in the top right corner because I bought a gig but disputed it and got a refund. I don’t know why Fiverr is mixing euros and dollars, but okay LOL)

When I started blogging I told myself that I will blog for a year and if my blogs don’t return my initial investment, I would quit. Inspiration did, the other blog didn’t still. Naturally, I’m instantly more focused on the thing that works.


I know many bloggers out there aim for bigger earnings than mine, and that’s exactly why I'm posting this. Where I live, these earnings almost pay my rent for one month. Which brings me to a killer fact – we compare with others too much. Some bloggers out there might laugh at me now and maybe think that I should quit, but I’m perfectly fine with my earnings so far. I have bigger plans for this blog, such as affiliates and courses and apps.

And of course, I do aim at $2000 per month. Hell, I’ll aim at $5000, because the higher we aim, the higher we climb.

Check out the Creators page. If you wish to be a featured author (it's free), read more and fill out this form. More info on Work With Me page

Check out Inspiration Wise merch on Teespring. New items are added every week.







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