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Enhance Your Writing - Synonyms List C

Updated: Feb 12

Welcome back! I decided to add another article type for more variety.

This will be a simple list of synonym words starting on C.

Also, I'll add some fun facts about words.

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Fun fact No.1 - some cool words that start on letter C:

Cacaesthesia - morbid sensation

Cacogen - antisocial person

Calashlight - low-wheeled carriage with folding top

Calcographer - one who draws with crayons or pastels

Caman - shinty stick

Capriole - leap and kick performed by a trained horse

Carnifexex - ecutioner

Catacoustics - science of echoes or reflected sounds

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Fun fact No.2:

Letter C was derived from letter G, but to be more precise, from the Phoenician letter gimel. As the Latin alphabet developed in ancient Rome, G and C became disambiguated by adding a bar to the bottom end of the C.

When Latin entered the British Isles, C was ripe for many interpretations and was imbued with the sounds of Old English, Welsh, and other Celtic languages. As loanwords like clique flowed into English from Norman French, the uses of the letter further expanded. The fickle nature of this letter did not please everyone. As American English grew in the 1700s, Benjamin Franklin campaigned to remove C from the alphabet altogether, though his efforts did not gain much traction.

The Curious Chronicle Of The Letter C

Read more about the letter C here.

Most commonly used C words in English and their synonyms:

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Come/came -

move nearer

move closer




draw nigh

draw close/closer

draw near/nearer


make progress

make headway



get here/there

reach one's destination

make it


put in an appearance

make an appearance

come on the scene

come up



present oneself

turn up

be along

come along



Certainly - unquestionably, surely, assuredly, definitely, beyond question, without question, beyond doubt, unequivocally, indubitably, undeniably, irrefutably, indisputably, incontrovertibly, incontestably, obviously, patently, manifestly, evidently, plainly, clearly, transparently, palpably, unmistakably, conclusively, undisputedly, undoubtedly, there are no two ways about it, as sure as eggs is eggs.

Choose - select, pick, pick out, opt for, plump for, go for, take, settle on, decide on, fix on, come down in favour of, vote for, single out, hand-pick, set, designate, determine, specify, appoint, name, nominate, adopt.

Clearly - intelligibly, plainly, distinctly, comprehensibly, understandably, perspicuously, with clarity, legibly, readably, audibly.

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