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2019-2020 by Inspiration Wise

Welcome to Inspiration Wise,


I appreciate your interest to write as a guest blogger. Please read the whole instructions, as I've listed the promotional methods for your guest post at the end. 

Please note - a guest post is not the same as a sponsored post. You write the guest post if: 

- you look for blogging connections

- you look for backlinks to your blog/website

- other SEO reasons

Guest posting is free. This means that you won't be compensated for your writing. 

If you wish to be paid, please consider pitching your sponsored posts to another blogger. I don't pay for sponsored blog posts (currently). 

Inspiration Wise aims to offer both evergreen articles and new ideas to its readers. Please check some of the articles before submitting your own to make sure you'll fit in. 


You can write on the following topics:

  • Writing related topics


What inspires you to write, your writing process, etc. Note: If you submit an excerpt of your book, in some cases I'll allow it to stay in the article (when it showcases the point of the article, when it's interesting, when it's short). This is a writing and literature blog, but promoting a book is done differently than writing a blog post. 

  • Book reviews and literature related topics

If you read an interesting book and wish to review it on my blog, I'm down with it! I usually don't have the time to do book reviews due to my blogging obligations. Note: I believe that every genre has its audience, so if you wish to review some "taboo" books, the review should be done tastefully, as much as that is possible. 

  • Publishing related topics

Have you discovered some new platform or some new marketing trick for our books? That's what you can cover in the article. Or simply share the experience, good or bad. 

SEO, marketing methods, bringing traffic to the blogs, experience, etc. 

I welcome personal opinions, as I believe in the freedom to express ourselves. But be ready to handle the fire that can come after we click publish and share your article with the world. 


Contact me via to send me your idea/pitch. If your idea fits in, I will let you know and you can then send the article once you're done. 

I will make you an contributor account on my platform and you will be able to write your post.


How does Wix contributor account work:

Once my invite is sent via the email, and after you make an account with Wix, you'll see the option to set up your name and make a blog post.


Once you copy/paste from the final word document, click publish and then I'll edit it later - I'll add images and check to see if all is working right. It will be up once I'm done, and I'll send you the link so that you can promote it too. 

I will promote your guest post throughout social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, Camooni, Pinterest and such. 

Note: It's important that you click publish because I can't enter to edit it before you are done. 

Images are provided by me. 



I allow two no follow backlinks per post.

Your article must be unique, interesting and informational.

Unique means 100% copyscape pass. This rule is due to the need to maintain a good SEO and Google position. Following this rule is a win-win, because it allows Google to rank the article better. 


Interesting means that you can cover many topics around those that I've stated, and even if you have a fresh view on something that I already wrote about, you can submit that too. 

Informational means that there should be an external source of information so that our readers can learn more about the topic. Usually, I'd prefer 3 outlinks, but if what you wrote is more on the side of a personal opinion, 2 are the minimum. 

Don’t submit copied content.

Do your best to have at least 800 word count.

Once the article has been submitted and published at Inspiration Wise, I reserve the right to further edit or modify the content. I will do so with my best ability to keep your voice and tone intact, but to also spark my readers' imagination. 

After the guest post is published, I will share the links on my social media. This includes the main FB page for my blog - as well as other Facebook groups, Camooni, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

I also participate in different treads for bloggers on FB and Twitter, and spin the content often, which means that your guest post will be shared not only by me, but also other participants, in different threads, all over social media. 


These threads include all sorts of actions - from link sharing on FB to repinning a pin on Pinterest, depending on the thread. That way, the exposure comes from many different sides and the coverage is bigger. 

Regarding Pinterest - the latest update is focused on creating fresh pins. You don't have to worry, as I do this for every blog post, including yours, every week. 

I also encourage you to share your guest post on your social media. 

If you're interested - contact me

Thank you in advance 

**Last updated on March 2020

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